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Construction Lubricants in Surrey | Fitting Lubes from Scaffeze and Scaffbrite

NonMech is the home of anything non-mechanical and the place to come for construction lubricants from ZEP UK. The Scaffeze and Scaffbrite names are synonymous with quality and available from our popular yard in Guildford. If you want to organise a delivery of fitting lube to another location in Surrey or, indeed, to any other part of the UK, we can happily help with that too. Call us on 01483 361154 during business hours.

Alternatively, you can call Gio on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170 to arrange an order at any other time.

It makes sense that when you come to us for your construction lubricants, you’ll want a product that is recognised not just by the industry, but also by those who work in it. Because we supply branded fitting lubes directly to scaffolders and contractors across Surrey and the UK, we get to hear about the benefits of Scaffeze and Scaffbrite first-hand.

Here, we look at the specification of these two products.


Scaffeze is an insoluble and odourless blue liquid that can be used to clean, free and lubricate scaffolding fittings and screw threads. You can use a chemical sprayer to apply this fitting lube, or you can immerse components into the product so that it penetrates effectively and frees seized threads.

It is powerful enough to remove light rust, grease and other types of component contamination.

Because Scaffeze products are construction lubricants, they also leave parts and components in a good working condition with a fine protective coating. Fast-acting and with liquid fluidity that allows for total penetration, Scaffeze won’t leave an oily residue. Components can be handled safely after use without any risk to our Surrey customers.

We are proud to trade as approved Scaffeze suppliers.


This fitting lube is a clear and odourless liquid designed to clean scaffold tubes and fittings. It has the strength needed to remove corrosion, concrete and most other contaminants. Immerse your components in Scaffbrite for cleaning, then apply Scaffeze to further lubricate and protect them. Used together, these products also protect against re-rusting.

Like all quality construction lubricants, Scaffbrite is non-caustic, non-toxic and doesn’t contain the mineral acids or solvents that could potentially harm the end user.

Customers across Surrey and the UK can save money by using Scaffbrite. It restores tubes and fittings that would otherwise end up discarded. It is fully miscible in water. For cleaner and brighter scaffolding fittings, contact us today to place your order or to arrange a delivery. Alternatively, make a personal collection from our dedicated yard in Guildford.

Scaffeze comes in cans and drums starting at 5L in size all the way up to 210L. Scaffeze Plus starts at a 20L size up to 210L. Scaffbrite is available in 20L drums only. In addition to construction lubricants and fitting lubes, NonMech can also supply a complete product range from ZEP UK, including surface wipes, sanitisers, moisturisers, paints and degreasers.

Wherever you happen to be, be it in our home county of Surrey or across the UK, we’re here to supply you with the products you need to maintain, restore and protect your equipment.

Call 01483 361154 to order construction lubricants or visit our trade counter in Surrey. Alternatively, call Gio on 07939 333180 or Jason on 07834 519170.